Heartbreak - Somatic Psychotherapist & Counsellor Central Coast - Leslee Hughes

Heartbreak is very real and painful. Healing is not always as fast as one may hope. To be honest, it is a journey of highs, lows and in betweens. Our hearts literally do ache and our minds become very clouded and dull. Life can be difficult to navigate and to try and maintain some normality can be very challenging or impossible.

Be kind to yourself is what I may recommend. This is not a hurdle just to be jumped over. Unfortunately even if you try, it can kind of creep up on you at a later date. Take time out to grieve, cry, wail, write, collapse, ponder and seek support from friends, families or professionals.

I so often have clients who feel frustrated by their feelings and often surprised at the depth of pain they feel. They often feel stupid and believe that crying is just being a baby.

Oh no I say, sometimes hearts have to break. Dare to be soft, mushy and vulnerable. Let your heart feel and allow what presents itself to be your truth. I too had many unshed tears from my early childhood and they kept me from being able to heal and held me in a trap of grieving, not releasing. My pain came out in different ways, like depression, anxiety and terror.

Our bodies hold our history and mystery. For me to allow my grief and suffering to emerge gave me the opportunity to not be stuck in a life of hell with so many limitations. Our hearts cannot heal if we do not allow the emotions contained there to be released. It is like emptying out the old and restoring with new lightness.

Little bit by little bit we restore, we renew and we return to love!