Lighten Your Load

Helpless, Hopeless! Frustrated! Sad! Disappointed! Empty! Lost! Scared! Scattered! Depressed! Longing! Do you feel like you are blindly going through life, like a ship without a rudder, no dreams, no pleasure, no light at the end of the tunnel. You may be stuck in your body and mind, overloaded by day to day drudgery and also dragging old baggage from the

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Unlock Your Heart

Your heart is not only a major organ of your body, but is the true centre of your being, a treasure of inner knowing and consciousness that is usually under lock and key, even to yourself. There is a wealth of knowledge held within this lock and a true connection to the divine. What is the key to unlocking your heart?

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Pleasure Anxiety

People who are brought up with a negative attitude towards life and sex usually acquire a pleasure anxiety. The fear of pleasure is the fear of pain not only in the physical pain but psychological pain of loss, frustration and humiliation. In the course of growing up we overcome these pains by suppressing our sadness, our fear and our anger. In

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Fear and Need of the Feminine

Many of my clients, have a fear of the feminine or mother. They do not trust and quite often live with a lot of anxiety and fear of life, feeling trapped on earth and more connected to the spirit world from where they came. Living in daydreams, not quite focused in the present moment. During a point of time in utero,

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Committed Relationships

Committed relationships are a playground to explore the depths of intimacy, love and passion. Each challenge, argument, difference gives you an opportunity to open to a deeper level. A challenge yes a defeat NO. It is easy to blame our partners when the going gets tough – can you accept the imperfection in your partner, have you started to judge and

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Heartbreak is very real and painful. Healing is not always as fast as one may hope. To be honest, it is a journey of highs, lows and in betweens. Our hearts literally do ache and our minds become very clouded and dull. Life can be difficult to navigate and to try and maintain some normality can be very challenging or impossible.

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