Therapeutic Modalities

Core Energetics/

Core Energetics is a dynamic and creative way to find answers for your life, resolve deeply held issues from past to present, and to get re-energized, focused and grounded in the present time.

83 years of scientific research has produced the most powerful, in-depth personal change system on the planet. The techniques include a unique combination of characterology, psychodynamic and somatic psychotherapy.

Based on the solid foundation of psychology, Core Energetics includes, but goes beyond, effective therapy to healing the root causes of depression, anxiety, addiction, chronic fatigue, insomnia, relationship crisis, business and financial challenges.

Leslee trained with the masters in this field and held an integral position in establishing this modality here in New South Wales.


Counselling is a softer gentler, less challenging process of working on problems. This includes relationships, self-image, self-esteem, emotions, family, environmental adjustment and career development.

In general, the purpose of counseling is to get to know oneself better and to empower oneself to work on problems in life effectively. Even people who tend to resolve their problems by themselves do need to ask for help sometimes.
There is a stigma where many people think that if they ask for help, they lack ability. In fact, when people ask for help, they are brave because they are truly confronting their problems and are willing to resolve them.

Counselling involves talk therapy, voice dialogue and meditation.

Therapeutic Modalities - Leslee Hughes
Therapeutic Modalities - Leslee Hughes

Relationship Counselling

Relationships abound in so many areas of our life, work, marriage, family, church and neighbours.

How do we relate to the world as a whole and how does the world see us?

Are we fully present in relationships and acting from a mature perspective or that of a wounded child?

We actually learn from our own family of origin.

“I love relationship work as it holds so much magic and with some committed work on yourself and looking at your part in any conflict, you can gain clarity. This provides the chance to emerge not as the wounded child, but as the peaceful warrior. With relationships that truly reflect who you are, we set the standards of how we are treated.”

Exceptional Marriage/
Relationship Mentoring

Do you wish to dive even deeper into your relationship, Exceptional Marriage Mentoring may be for you!

Helping couples express their full range of emotions! Bottled up emotions create havoc in relationships, if we  have learnt to mask how we feel, this inevitably leads to problems. Finding ways to engage a couple in being able to express, feel and reveal, has a powerful healing effect on relationships. There is more room to LOVE!

Looking at patterns that cause the relationship to whither and die! Do you ever go over and over the same argument or point of view?

Why the power struggle! Who will ever win and what is it to win?

Our history plays a major part in how we learn to relate to each other, who wants connection and who wants autonomy? This can be very conflicting and not always revealing of how much we care for each other!

Could you possibly consider that from working on all the above that your relationship can be much more than it ever was?  Pleasure without pain—- Love without heartbreak–connection without fear!

Therapeutic Modalities - Leslee Hughes

Trauma Resolution

Leslee Hughes trained with Donna Hamilton (USA) who is known to many as one of the top trauma experts in the world. Donna trained under the guidance of trauma specialist Dr Peter Levine author.

Trauma touches everyone. It can occur through bullying, violence, emotional, sexual or physical abuse, lack of love and connection to parents, continuing to live under difficult situations in life, accidents, war, drought, severe withholding of any kind, surgical procedures and other life threatening events. In the aftermath of trauma, our symptoms and difficulties reflect how we tried to adapt to circumstances beyond our control: depression to cushion us against disappointment and overwhelm; hyper vigilance to stand guard over ourselves; shame to increase our compliance and dampen anger. Long-lasting responses to trauma result not simply from the experience of fear and helplessness but from how our bodies interpret those experiences.

As the price for survival, then, we are left with an inadequate record of what happened and how we endured it. If we have adequate support and safety afterward, we may be left shaken, but the events will feel “behind” us. If the events have been recurrent or we are young and vulnerable or have inadequate support, we can be left with a host of intense responses and symptoms that “tell the story” without words and without the knowledge that we are remembering events and feelings from long ago. Worse yet, the survival response system may become chronically activated, resulting in long-term feelings of alarm and danger, tendencies to flee or fight under stress, debilitating feelings of vulnerability and exhaustion, or an inability to assert and protect ourselves.

Trauma resolution helps the body to regulate and come back to a place of safety and groundedness, helping each individual to establish emotional autonomic stability, safe in the here and now, being treated with respect and mindfulness of each individual’s journey.

TRE or Trauma and Stress Releasing Exercises

“External conflict ends with the dawn of internal peace.”

~Dr David Berceli

“TRE is a revolutionary approach that deliberately uses the body’s own innate process of involuntary shaking and tremoring in a safe and controlled way to physically release the effects of chronic stress and unresolved trauma including PTSD.

As the process uses a series of simple exercises to invoke tremors that are then able to be self regulated, it does not require talking about or recalling past events and does not require the ongoing assistance of a therapist for the vast majority of people, meaning the process can be used on your own on an ongoing basis to support and enhance other approaches.”

~ Richmond Heath – TRE Australia

A YouTube video featuring Richmond Heath can be viewed on Resources page.

Leslee was very deeply touched by the TRE model after having the privilege to work with David Bercelli and experience first hand the many benefits of TRE. Wow! This model so compliments the work that I do as a body psychotherapist, I am excited to be adding this too my practice, it is a model that is very, safe and liberating as a client to feel the subtle shifts releasing old tension and trauma and really helping with regulating your life and shaping new memories within your body cells.

Therapeutic Modalities - Leslee Hughes

Family and Systemic Constellation

This is a powerful but gentle process Leslee uses to help her clients gain an entry into either the family systems or business system. This will reveal the real cause of disturbance in a person’s psyche or the challenges they may be having running a business.

The systemic constellation work helps to right the wrongs long into the past which, in some way are still affecting the present. This work allows for the blocks in people’s personal or professional lives to materialise, allowing for greater knowledge, understanding and ultimate change to occur.