Unlock Your Heart

Unlock Your Heart - Somatic Psychotherapist & Counsellor Central Coast - Leslee Hughes

Your heart is not only a major organ of your body, but is the true centre of your being, a treasure of inner knowing and consciousness that is usually under lock and key, even to yourself. There is a wealth of knowledge held within this lock and a true connection to the divine.

What is the key to unlocking your heart? Well let’s first take a look at why there has been a need to put a lock on something so precious.

It usually starts very early in life, perhaps even in the womb you are a soul looking for and needing love and acceptance, you have strong perceptions of what you want and how it should look like. What you are looking for, is perfect love. Is this possible? I’d like to say yes, but in this wounded world I daresay it is impossible. You start to feel hurt, angry, disappointed, “what about me”. As a child it is all about yourself and wanting to be loved, heard, held, seen. Really you are a bottomless pit of needs. Can our parents meet these needs? I think not as usually the expectations are too high and our parents are also wounded. Why wouldn’t they be as they were also children who needed love and in some way were let down.

So very early on in life the heartbreak and pain kicks in and we need to protect our heart, life becomes too painful so we create very clever ways to not feel by creating leaks , armoring and blocks in our body. It is our way of saying no more pain, but does this solve our problem, no it leaves our heart armored and protected . Can people reach us from this place, usually not.

We start to contract from life and our own beautiful essence. You may feel fear, anger, shame or just be disappointed with your life, are we able to live our dreams from this place?

To truly love authentically and to let love in can be difficult, as we can still have a very idealized vision of how love should be. Love can never look a certain way, to let love in deeply we need to be undefended and open, willing to reveal our true selves. Self – love and acceptance is a pre- requisite for you to be able to truly love another.

Through Core Energetics principles we are able to help you mobilize and charge the energy in your body. We challenge your blocks, you may come in contact with some of the repressed feelings you have stored in your body. As you start to feel and move through your blocks your life energy is freed up and streams throughout your body including your heart, it is like being reunited with an old friend. You will feel a beautiful expansion throughout your body, your breath will be much fuller and you will feel very grounded and safe. There is great pleasure in feeling the whole of you, unified as one.

If you are willing , we will take you on a safe journey to open your heart and to truly feel. Through grounding exercises, breath and experiential processes we will go on a journey to UNLOCK YOUR HEART!